Chiropractic Care

At Adelaide Chiropractic Centre, people come to see us for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. For relief from symptoms (aches, pains or dysfunction)
  2. To rehabilitate or correct long term spinal problems
  3. As one component of their overall approach to better health

Approaches to chiropractic care:

Symptomatic Care - This stage of care is aimed at addressing your immediate concerns as quickly as possible. This is usually the most intensive stage of care, and aims to restore joint function and control inflammation as quickly as possible.

Corrective Care - Corrective care addresses the long-term, bad habits of your spinal movement. It can help retrain how your spine moves, and also help prevent relapses or similar injuries later. Corrective care requires consistent, regular adjustments over weeks or months, depending on the case. At pre-determined intervals, full progress examinations take place in order to measure your progress.

Click here to read some frequently asked questions answered by the Australian Chiropractors Association.

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